Your surplus giving you a headache? How can we help you ...


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How can we help you...

It's not just a question, but it’s our attitude.

We have been in the surplus business for 23 years, 7 years of that on the internet, learning what it takes to sell your surplus on eBay and other online auctions. We specialize in consignments, but we are still a full service company.

From complete buy-outs and rush building cleanouts to consignments , e-waste to web cast auctions, we can get it done.

With over 35 years of combined experience selling a wide range of surplus on eBay, our experienced staff is able to keep track of your items from start to finish. We track your items using our own custom software so your items are visible on a live web report from the time we start your lot until the last item is accepted by the customer.

So, how can we help you ...

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