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Consignees Frequent Asked Questions

Do you dispose of monitors and computer equipment?

Yes. We are part of the California Recycling Program. We recycle computers, monitor, and printers.

Do you charge for this service?

No. In fact, you could be paid for your E-Waste and you will receive a certificate of destruction for the

state authorized recycler.

How much does it cost to sell my surplus on eBay?

Our base fee is 50 percent of the selling price plus $7.00 per sold item. We have a sliding scale for more expensive items.

The 50% base fee plus $7.00 per sold item sounds expensive. What am I getting for this price?

Well, the bottom line is that even at 50% we will still get you more money for your equipment.

Each item is individually tagged, tested, described, cleaned, pictured, advertised for 7 to 10 days,

then packaged and shipped to the end user. We also take care of transporting the items to our warehouse,

auction fees, PayPal and credit card fees, collecting your money from the customer and providing customer support.

Why should I consign my equipment to A Plus Surplus instead of a local live auction company?

Live auction companies have their place, and we work closely with a few local companies.

We will help advise you on which venue is right for your equipment and help you get it there.

However, for most items, we can get 3 to 4 times what a live auction will. Each item we list typically gets

an average of 150-200 hits in a 7-day period. Compare that to most live auctions, which don't even have

that many people in the crowd!!

Do I have to pay for the items that don’t sell?

No. You only pay for the items that sell.

How do I get paid?

We pay our consignees monthly. On some larger consignments, we pay bi-monthly.

What do you do with the items that do not sell?

We have many consignment options so we can suit your needs. When we pick up your consignment, we will need

to know whether you want the unsold items returned or disposed of.

How do you dispose of the unsold items and other waste?

We strive to be environmentally friendly and we are a very active part of the California Recycling Program.

Approximately 90 to 95% of the waste and rubbish we handle is recycled. Wood, cardboard, glass, all metals,

E-waste, paper, and even some types of plastics are recycled to reduce the load on our local landfills.

Do you do on-site auctions?


Do you "buy out" companies that need their stuff gone quickly?

Yes. If time is critical we can come make a offer and have the equipment (or everything) out of the building in a

set time frame (even if it is a couple days), from offices to aircraft manufacturing facilities, there is no job too big.

Do you do Web Cast Auctions?


How long does it take to sell my surplus?

It all depends on when it comes in. We work on a “first in, first out” basis with a sprinkle of our own merchandise.

The consignor comes first.

Can I put a minimum on my items?

Yes, but we have found that with most items, a fair minimum bid discourages most buyers. Instead, for most high

value or rare items we list them with a higher minimum bid for a week or two. If they don’t sell, then we lower the

minimum bid to a very low price with NO RESERVE. This creates a lot of interest "a $10,000 item for $149.95!!!

WOW!!!" and sparks bidding wars at the end of the auction.

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